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Spread The Word Stop Avoiding Smear Tests


This superwoman is my baby sis, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer at just 28

Today she kicked arse but at a cost. She had to undergo a full hysterectomy and her fight isn’t over just yet…there’s still a big chance she will need radiotherapy.

She only missed 1 smear test….just bloody 1. She’s so lucky to have been blessed with a daughter but the cancer has taken her chance to ever carry another baby.

She’s one of the lucky ones though so many women put it off until it’s too late.

I never thought I would be sat writing a status like this about someone so close to home.

A smear test literally takes a few minutes stop putting it off.

She’s letting us post this because she wants to raise awareness that cancer doesn’t care who u are….how old u are, if u don’t keep up with your regular checks your putting yourself at risk.

I sit with tears in my eyes writing this after visiting her tonight. I’m so so proud of her. She has handled this so amazingly. She really is my beautiful superwoman!! 💖 spread the message

Written  by Sarah bax

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