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Stop Blaming ASD For Your Childs Behaviour

My son has ASD!!!

ASDers aren’t naughty!?

So you think asders aren’t naughty?

On a meltdown there’s no one to blame.

But when they’re being naughty


For shame!

My ASDer is naughty at times

You’ll hear me screaming his name

Because I will tell him

When there is blame

And I will tell him again

And Again

Do not make excuses when he is naughty

Meltdowns are NOT the same

You use THE excuse if he is naughty

You will just have just yourself to blame

You will teach him they are one and the same

And you will just have yourself to blame!

Please discipline your ASder, he needs to know the shame.

He cannot do as he pleases

There are rules that he has to follow

and he can’t avoid the blame.

stop telling me it is ASD my child has the same

Do not use his condition as an excuse for being a pain

We understand the meltdown, when life is just too much

explain to others the difference between the two

coz naughty is naughty don’t use ASD as an excuse”.

Author is unknown

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the name for a range of similar conditions, including Asperger syndrome, that affect a person’s social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Blaming ASD For Your Childs Behaviour

  • Aroha

    You don’t necessarily know when someone else,’s child is having a meltdown or just a tantrum/being a pain etc. You don’t know what is going on to cause the behaviour. I don’t believe this was written by the parent of an autistic child, because we do not judge each other. What a hateful, ableist, little screed from a website clearly run by people who read too much tabloid trash.

    • I disagree with you, I think she does have an autistic child. This is not ableist trash. I have an autistic brother who was diagnosed aged 2, and I am on the waiting list to be diagnosed myself in adulthood. Because I am a female, crave social interaction and did ok in school I slipped under the radar, and got zero help with my condition, while my brother got everything! My mum didn’t know the difference between a meltdown and being naughty but I did! Because I am autistic too but she never listened. Nothing was ever his fault. Everything was my fault. I was expected to be able to control him and be his carer if we went anywhere without parents. It would always end up with him hitting me after I stopped him doing something bad then I would be punished for it!! Now we are adults he is capable of working but chooses not to. He has learned all he has to do is scream to get what he wants. I will never forgive my mum or my brother for this. This shit is the fucking route cause of my depression! I tried my hardest to be a good kid despite the challenges. I was never good enough. Somehow my brother was the naughtiest kid in the world but he was loved so much. Please please please LEARN THE DIFFERENCE between a meltdown and just being a little shit!!


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