Test For Parvovirus To Prevent Another Babies Death

A very close friend and her Husband lost their beautiful baby girl Sophie in December 2018 due to the Parvovirus not being detected before childbirth, her 40 hours on this earth were so precious to those around her, but her chances would have been doubled and more If she could have been treated in the womb. 

Require a routine blood test during pregnancy for ParvovirusB19

ParvovirusB19 affects between 2500 and 5000 pregnancies each year in the EU. The disease is easily diagnosed and advances in the treatment can increase the chance of foetal survival. Currently blood tests are not routinely checked for this disease.

Parvovirus B19 is a virus that commonly infects children. It is usually transmitted by coughing and sneezing (respiratory droplets). Hand washing is important in helping to prevent spread. School teachers, childcare workers and mothers of young children are particularly likely to be exposed to this virus as it is commonest amongst younger school age children, but everyone can be exposed to it.

For most healthy people, Parvovirus B19 causes a mild, self-limiting illness which is followed by life-long immunity.
The Human Parvovirus B19 is not the same Parvovirus that vets may be concerned about in pets, especially dogs, and it cannot be passed from humans to animals or vice versa.

In women who are not immune, infection in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy can lead to serious problems for your baby before it is born. This would usually happen three to five weeks after the onset of maternal infection, but can be later

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