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Thank you! Alright this is going to be a long one so sorry in advance! Basically…

Thank you! Alright this is going to be a long one so sorry in advance! Basically my lg is now 6 months old, my partner and I are 20 years old. but when she was 5 weeks old we were in the hospital for a week. It was the worst week of my life, she went in for an infection and a bruising rash (linear purple lines on her tummy, 3 different professionals later said it wasn’t bruises and was more like a pulpuric rash) and when we got there we were told she had a broken rib in the X-Ray. We were heartbroken as social services and CID were involved and dragged us out of the ward to question us. They refused to give her another scan for the whole week until 5 days later when they then discovered there was no broken bone in the first place and that she had moved during the X-ray and caused a shadow (doesn’t seem to matter to them that I begged them, said I would pay for a private scan to be done but they refused as it was a child abuse case and we were no longer allowed to be in control of our own daughters care) they refused to tell us anything about our daughter the whole week, did tests without even letting us know (would wait until we left the ward for even a minute whereas all the other families were being kept up to date on their child’s progress). There are so many other things that happened during the week, for example one awful nurse who couldn’t hide the fact she thought we were child abusers and spent the whole week making us miserable. She was the sole cause of me losing the ability to breastfeed at only 5 weeks. This part was the most heartbreaking for me as I loved the bond I felt with my daughter when I BF and now it’s gone. She ripped the curtains open on the busy ward and scowled loud enough for other families to hear that she couldn’t let us be left alone with our daughter. Another nurse nearly overdosed my daughter on antibiotics by failing to notice she’d just been given her IV ones and she tried to administer oral antibiotics. There is so much to the story, like they let us leave the hospital with her on multiple occasions under dangerous circumstances (when a veniflow full of antibiotics hanging out of her arm, couldn’t get a coat over it, was middle of winter, wouldn’t have known what to do if it came out) when she was an at risk child. They made us walk to a different hospital with her in this condition when she was an at risk child. We had a meeting in March to discuss that week as we wrote them a strong letter detailing where everything went wrong and that we needed answers. We turned up to the meeting, just my partner and I and his dad for support, and 9 OF THEM turned up to cover their backs as much as possible. Anyway, we said all we had to say and it seemed to go well, they apologised for a lot and said it was unacceptable, I was honest with them and said that we were lucky we had family in the NHS that know what they did was wrong, otherwise we would have just shut up and taken the accusations like other people must have to do (which breaks my heart because I’ve seen a few posts on this page about children being taken away for no good reason like ours almost was, and they may not have known protocols weren’t being followed like it wasn’t with us). Anyway, they’ve now sent us a letter summarising the meeting and breaking it down into our main concerns. Of course, they have backpeddled like fuck and not admitted fault for most of it in writing so they’re not liable. Now that I’ve typed this massive bible out I’m not sure what I want to ask, but I’m wondering if anyone has been through something similar? What was the next step? My partner is hell bent on suing but I don’t want that, I just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again to another family that aren’t lucky enough to know what they’re doing is breaking the law. What’s the next step? My mum told me to call patient line but I can’t seem to find anything about them existing. I just feel like I’m at a dead end again 😞 X


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