Warning To Expectant Mums Not To Sleep On Their Backs

3 years ago I had a little boy who was far to precious for earth and he was born sleeping 💔 I was 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant, a couple of months after it happened I did a research interview with a nurse who was comparing live pregnancies to those who was stillborn to see if they could find anything to help prevent stillbirths in other woman, well I got the results in the post today and I’m delighted to say they have managed to find something 🙌🏻❤️

Basically woman who sleep on there backs in the last 12 weeks of pregnancy are twice as likely to have a stillbirth then women who sleep on there sides, they’ve made a massive campaign on it it’s called Tommy’s #sleeponside campaign similar to count the kicks, all very small things to do in your pregnancy but can make a massive Difference! My son didn’t pass away because of the way I slept or anything like that, he passed away because I have blood that’s prone to blood clots and the blood flow to my placenta wasn’t working, but regardless they’ve interviewed thousands of woman and they’ve obviously found something ❤️ so please please all my lovely pregnant friends listen to your Midwife’s and doctors there not doing it to nag or moan there doing it for you and your little bundle of joy ❤️ let’s bring the number of stillbirths down because it shouldn’t be as high as it is ❤️💙🤱🏼👶👣

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