What An Eye Opener

What an eye opener tonight has been, after working a 12 hour shift, I was driving home from work when someone drove In the side of me, they then drove off.

I followed the car into an off a street we’re the car had parked up, I got out my car to see it was an elderly man driving.

The man open his car door and reached out to me, he grabbed my arm tightly and told me he’s got Covid-19.

The man asked for my help, with beads of sweat rolling down his face, the man was drifting in and out of continuousness as he spoke to me.

I offered to ring the man an ambulance and he told me he will wait till the morning. I went to my car and luckily had a mask with me but no further PPE. I rang an ambulance for the man and he told me he hasn’t ate for 7-10 days as he has been in isolation and has no family or friends.

The man had attempted to drive to get some food and essentials, as he knew he would die without. The man said he didn’t trust other people as there’s a lot of horrible people in the world.

The ambulance arrived and I assured the ambulance crew until he was safe to he transported to A&E.

I followed him up in my own car and have stayed with him for 5 hours with wearing full PPE. The man was so grateful that I stayed with him and kept squeezing my hand and pulling it close to him.

The man asked me why I was being so kind, so I told him I would hate to be poorly and have no one by my side.

I have spent 5 hours after my shift by the mans side after my shift, despite having plans for a takeaway tonight. I have just left his side now as he is too poorly to have any visitors, but he has my contact details if he wants to tell me when he is better.

I’m not sure if he will get better 💔 but I hope so as he’s promised me a coffee.

My family have all had to isolate them selves tonight and leave the house, so I can go home. They may need to isolate them selves until I know if I have been infected by Covid-19.

But I know I have saved a mans life tonight, if i waited to ring an ambulance in the morning, he wouldn’t be alive tomorrow.

Credit https://www.facebook.com/princess.duncan

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