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Would it be possible to have a private post please? My 7 year old son was in s…

Would it be possible to have a private post please?

My 7 year old son was in school today, the gates at school are about 4ft tall if that and a bicycle chain type thing is over the top of gate (not coded or padlocked) so kids can easily get out by pushing the gate.

My son and his friend were near the playground supervisor and when she was talking to another supervisor they both opened the gate and went to his friends house (approx 15/20 min walk from the school, and a little over half a mile away) the school noticed because other kids said they had left the school, they did a whole school register check and searched the playground before they called the police – the friends mum luckily was in her house and she called to say they were there, we got informed only after they both got back to school (90mins after they first noticed they were gone)

We went into the school and the teacher explained what had happened and said it’s not the first time kids have left the playground but usually they’d just be close by and not totally out of sight.

What do I do? I feel I should be complaining to the council as the assistants weren’t paying attention (they gossip with each other rather than do their job and I’ve brought this up with the school before) and the gate is clearly unsafe (teacher also said to me they haven’t been able to fully check the gates have been closed every time the kids are outside as they’ve had a lot of visitors this week. Should I take this further?

I’m in Scotland by the way and we don’t have things like ofsted here.


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