Can I get get a ppp? Sorry if this is long but I’m stressing so bad So I’m 18 a…

Can I get get a ppp? Sorry if this is long but I’m stressing so bad😣

So I’m 18 and live in a small town where I’ve been my whole life and where all my family are. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and really not getting on with my mum. We constantly fall out because she thinks me having a baby is wrong and she doesn’t like the fact that my partner is unemployed. She constantly makes me feel guilty for wanting to move down near London to my partners family’s house where they have offered us a place to live til we get our own place down there.
I am unhappy where I am at the minute and I’d love nothing more than to move down there but the problem is that she is making me feel so bad for wanting to move. There will be more opportunities for me and my baby down there along with my partners family who love and support everything I’m doing. Me and my boyfriend are now falling out because I can’t make up my mind about what to do.

Please help, any advice would be greatly appreciated❤


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  1. As a parent to a nr 18yr old girl i would be disappointed if she got pregnant and things werent stable. I can see her worry about london, have a look at the prices of rents, council tax etc. Many people who are dependant on benefits are having to move miles away from london as they just cant afford to live there. Make a plan of action, show your mum that you have thought it all through and while she may still not be happy she may be more accepting of the situation

  2. Personally I wouldn’t move from your mum. You will want her help when the babies born. And if your going to be renting London prices are ridiculous compared to the rest of the country. We are looking to move away from the outskirts of London as it’s just too much now. Think it through before you make any final decisions. It’s a big thing having a baby and moving all at once x

  3. You need to make up your mind and stick to it! There’s no point falling out with your mum I’m sure shell miss you terribly but you can always plan on days when she comes to visit or vise versa. The grass may not be greenier when you move in your bfs family tbh and if youre both unemployed with a new born in their household …. there will be a lot of tensions and it wont all be fits of laughter and sunshine! you’re mum is looking out for you and wanting the best for you so please don’t shut her out! get some plans together and your partner needs to get a job in London before you even consider moving there and solely relying on his parents. London is so damn expensive… its yours and his job to raise you’re kid as a couple… Do what’s best for you both and baby!

  4. Please think it through before you make a drastic decision. I live in London have done all my life.. I had my daughter at 18… she is now 14 and she doesn’t want to be in London anymore.. neither do i..
    Its not how it used to be… it’s not a place I want to bring my kids up anymore..
    Everything is expensive house prices rent etc.
    Even though my husband works full time it’s still so expensive.. yes some things outweigh the negatives.
    Your mum probably adjusting to her baby having a baby… and she may be worried how you will be supported once the baby is here if your partner don’t work.. could you not see how it’s goes when the baby arrives and if she is still the same then maybe think about moving..
    After all you may need your mum around when your in labour and after as support

  5. Do what’s best for u and ur baby! Don’t worry about anyone else nobody will be raising that baby but u so nobody has any right to tell u ur wrong.. do what u thinks best xx

  6. Yeah ur mum might b upset about u being​ pregnant n ur bf not working but it’s ur life if u want to move then do it it’s now about Wats best for ur family n if moving to London will help ur bf get a job then she can’t moan as he’s trying to get a job n look after u n bump x

  7. I moved from Edinburgh to Hampshire and for me it was the best thing ever. Granted I didn’t have kids then but I did move back to Edinburgh when I fell pregnant. No one can make this choice for you. It’s something you have to do on your own. When I moved my parents weren’t happy about it I was only 21 at the time. But once I had moved and got settled ect I managed to get myself a job ect and they were happy because they saw how happy I was. X

  8. You need to make the decision for YOU forget your mum his mum ect. Have a chat with him weigh up your options and do what’s best for you & baby whatever that may be not everybody will be happy but it is what it is unfortunately

  9. do what’s best your mum will come round! you’ll be fine but if I had the chance to move to london and be happy I would. don’t let your mum stop you, your 18! I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant, moved out on my own and my daughter is well looked after!follow your heart. and be happy!

  10. I moved away from my home town 80 miles away to birmingham i lasted 18 months there before i came back home. If you do decide move then i hope everything goes well but for me i missed home and my family to much x

  11. Sorry, to me 18 is really young, You are going to need your own mother’s advice, I don’t always get on with my mother and I’m 30 this year, How do you plan to find a job?, You do know that if you are having arguments with your bf now, how do you know they will stop?, they may just change over to something else and London is expensive, You cannot rely on his parents for everything.

  12. If she thinks you having a baby is wrong then I would move then she can’t moan… if it’s because she’s worried for you then I would tell her to stop acting like a bitch and making you want to move because her negative attitude- and if I was your boyfriend I would get a job to keep her happy 🙂 she probably worries you are going to struggle because he’s not working to support u as it is so how is he Ment to support his family. X

  13. My mum was 17 when she had me and didn’t want me to follow in her footsteps, I fell pregnant at 17, my partner was working at the time, I’m now 19 and my eldest is 2 tomorrow. .my partner is working, go with what your head says. I’ve made many decision due to my heart and it’s never worked. I’ve followed my head and I’ve got the right. Don’t let anyone tell you what to Do! Anything is possible. .do what’s you want.

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