Can I have a pp I’m feeling crap my son is 5 when his naughty n I tell him off…

Can I have a pp
I’m feeling crap my son is 5 when his naughty n I tell him off he is not bothered I have to take tablet away for him to realise then wen I talk to him about what he has he hides his face or laugh at me I really don’t no what I’m doing rong I no his a child but to laugh in a parents face . No bashing please


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  1. My grandson the same, he’s 5 but other times he can be such a loving kid ..just don’t listen…he doesn’t listen to his mum.. she’s single parent with a 14 yrs daughter, he on tablet all the time, but sometimes he’ll listen too me when I raise my Voice, but his mum he’ll just laughs or he’ll go in huff …

  2. This is exactly why I won’t let my 8 year old have a tablet. He has his ps3 and I’ve noticed that his behaviour is diabolical when it comes to taking him off it, asking him to do something else, it literally ends up with my ripping the thing from plug sockets for months on end and he behaves A LOT better when he doesn’t have access to anything electronic. I wouldn’t be giving the tablet back for a very long time, until he’s learnt to be nice and listen and as soon as he gets it back, if he messes up once it goes again for another few weeks/months.

  3. only let him have it for an hour a day same with tv and have a schedule for him. Maybe make a reward system so he has something to work towards and get praise and also have a naughty step or corner so when hes naughty he has time to think about whats hes done

  4. ask him why he is laughing..ask what is funny. You will find he has no answer and becomes stumped. You have to be the adult or he will rule over you from the start.He must start to understand consequence if you want him to be more respectful/compliant. We all live by rules,even adults…good luck, it’s not easy to parent…todays society also makes it hard for you. I wish you the best

  5. My 3 year old does it. He’s exactly what you just said.. a child. Ofcourse he’s going to laugh in your face he doesn’t yet understand the level of respect you seem to want from him. They grow out of it and start to learn about respect.

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