Can I have a private post please. I’m really unsure if I’ve done the right thin…

Can I have a private post please.

I’m really unsure if I’ve done the right thing, I’ve been with my partner for 8 years we have a son that’s 3. I suffer from a mobility disorder as well as other things including depression ( mainly due to how I feel in my relationship) our son has a serious medical condition also. My partner never does anything to help in the house except washes the dishes or with our son (has only looked after him 3 times for 30 mins so I could sleep a little longer and never does anything with him) When I’m really ill he says it’s ok as I’m used to it but when he’s ill he lays on the sofa for days expecting me to run around after him. He was working but has never paid towards our house, bills or son (never ever bought him a gift, clothes shoes or anything). He has stolen a lot of money (thousands) off me and also from our son and my brother. He is now not working and is in the house all day and still does nothing and all he says is he’s trying to be successful so that one day we’re financially free. I don’t care about money and just want a partner who cares for me (he’s never bought either of us a birthday or Christmas present or even made me a cup of tea in bed on Mother’s Day) and who is a father for our son. I’ve finally asked him to leave but he’s making out that i don’t see what he’s trying to do and making me feel guilty and saying because I haven’t wanted to sleep with him in the last year (since he stole from me, my brother and my son) and that’s what’s broken our relationship. I’m feeling very insecure and unsure that I’m doing the right thing and just need advice (sorry for the long post)


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