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OMG Any parents out there or anyone that knows any kids playing on an online ga…

OMG Any parents out there or anyone that knows any kids playing on an online game called Blue whale please get your children off the game it sets them 50 challenges and the last one is to commit suicide!!

Just saw this and it needs to be shut down every one help xx

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11 thoughts on “OMG Any parents out there or anyone that knows any kids playing on an online ga…

  • These are apparently the challenges that they have to go through, thought it might help parents looks for signs off odd behaviour

    1. Carve with a razor “f57” on your hand, send a photo to the curator.
    2. Wake up at 4.20 a.m. and watch psychedelic and scary videos that curator sends you.
    3. Cut your arm with a razor along your veins, but not too deep, only 3 cuts, send a photo to the curator.
    4. Draw a whale on a sheet of paper, send a photo to curator.
    5. If you are ready to “become a whale”, carve “YES” on your leg. If not, cut yourself many times (punish yourself).
    6. Task with a cipher.
    7. Carve “f40” on your hand, send a photo to curator.
    8. Type “#i_am_whale” in your VKontakte status.
    9. You have to overcome your fear.
    10. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and go to a roof (the higher the better)
    11. Carve a whale on your hand with a razor, send a photo to curator.
    12. Watch psychedelic and horror videos all day.
    13. Listen to music that “they” (curators) send you.
    14. Cut your lip.
    15. Poke your hand with a needle many times
    16. Do something painful to yourself, make yourself sick.
    17. Go to the highest roof you can find, stand on the edge for some time.
    18. Go to a bridge, stand on the edge.
    19. Climb up a crane or at least try to do it
    20. The curator checks if you are trustworthy.
    21. Have a talk “with a whale” (with another player like you or with a curator) in Skype.
    22. Go to a roof and sit on the edge with your legs dangling.
    23. Another task with a cipher.
    24. Secret task.
    25. Have a meeting with a “whale.”
    26. The curator tells you the date of your death and you have to accept it.
    27. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and go to rails (visit any railroad that you can find).
    28. Don’t talk to anyone all day.
    29. Make a vow that “you’re a whale.”
    30-49. Everyday you wake up at 4:20am, watch horror videos, listen to music that “they” send you, make 1 cut on your body per day, talk “to a whale.”
    50. Jump off a high building. Take your life.

  • This just completely ruins it for children to play online at all in my opinion. Why would anyone think this is a good idea, it’s tragic and disgusting. Like sure you can play games but communicating to others? Would be a bit sketchy with that.

  • It’s true this. Parents had a meeting at my sons school, in Barnsley. Police was there etc telling us all about protecting children online & they mentioned this app. Basically the app tells em to draw tattoos etc on themselves and end results they have to cut the tattoo in order to self harm. Absolutely sickening! X

  • It’s fake news. I teach in a school, we had a notification about this a few weeks ago, then a follow up very quickly afterwards with confirmation it’s fake.

  • My daughter is in reception and her school sent home a letter about this game it’s absolutely sickening xx

  • Subject: Anti-Bullying DCC – Blue Whale Game Confirmed FAKE news

    Dear Colleague

    Following on from my previous email dated 25th April 2017 it is now confirmed that the Blue Whale Game is fake news. have released this information:

    Many organisations have been caught up in this fake news, even our police forces, so a lesson from this is that we all need to learn more about fake news.

    I have attached a fake news checklist from ProQuest which can be followed should you feel the source of the information presented to you may be incorrect.

    There are a few free lesson plans online for children and students but these are predominantly from the USA but Tes have this lesson toolkit

    Kind regards


    Anti-Bullying Lead for Childrens Services
    Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 the contents of this email may be disclosed.

  • Shit game, you only get one life. There are no continues and CEX don’t even part ex.

  • It might sound crazy but your ensuring kids who have never even heard of this game will do now and will be curious

  • Omg thats sick!!! All parents should talk to their children about stuff like this!


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