Could I have ppp? I looked on my husbands phone the other night to find that he…


Could I have ppp?
I looked on my husbands phone the other night to find that he had been messaging various woman. Nothing incriminating as such as he’s obviously been messaging and deleting them afterwards if you catch my drift. He downloaded a messenger app and his history had various things like flirt and match, and a list of people, namely females he had obviously end in contact with. Nothing concrete but I know fine well that he’s obviously been up to no good. I confronted him about it and he says he’s ‘done nothing bad’, meaning in a physical sense. Which I do believe. However I feel I deserve an explanation as to why he feels the need to do this? We have 3 kids together. I feel devastated that he’s done this and lied to me, it’s not been first time either but he’s been ‘clever’ and deletes texts/messages. He also had a few girls blocked on Facebook and other apps?! Since I’ve confronted him he’s deleted Facebook and messenger which I find sus. Things are fine between us but he fobs me off whenever I ask him to explain, as now I feel so insecure and degraded. Advice welcome, no bashing.



  1. In Mum opinion what he has done is still cheating. The fact he has deleted accounts in my eyes says he know that what he has been doing is wrong. How shitty for you 😔X

  2. It is cheating but I wouldn’t just ups and leave. I’d have a chat with him, let him explain his side, tell him how you feel about the situation, also let him know what you’d expect etc, and if he doesn’t comply afterwards I’d leave. It may sound like a lot but it’s what I’d do..

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