Dog Savagely Ripped To Bits


My best little doggy pal Teddy Daly ❣️ while walking on his lead with me on the beach in Dollymount, Dublin this morning was dragged from me by TWO MASTIFF PITBULLS type dogs and was savagely ripped to bits while screaming and crying for me to help him 😰


I tried to beat the dogs off but it had no effect, my big stick broke on its head and I feared for my own life and for little Amber who I was holding tightly. I was screaming for help but the owner stayed hidden in the sand dunes 😡

Eventually Teddy fell like a rag doll, they thought he was dead and they sauntered off into the dunes to their owner.

Two men helped me carry him back to the car where the Guards were waiting for me. They drove me to the vet hospital in Raheny where the very helpful team of vets said they hadn’t seen such horrific injuries and there was no hope for Teddy 💔💔😢😢

Eoin, Liam, Carolyn & Avril were all there with me and we kissed, hugged, and held his paws in my hands saying goodbye before he closed his eyes ❣️


If anyone knows someone with two GOLDY/beige and white type pit bull mastiffs or similar to this breed in Dublin Ireland please pass on a message to me or the guards in Raheny

The Guards are very keen to find this owner as he lets them run free without muzzles.

I’ve no doubt they will do this again and possibly to a little child


have a little thought or prayer for my best little pal Teddy, anyone who knows me knows I was absolutely crazy about him, he went everywhere with me 💔💔❣️❣️



Dog Savagely Ripped To Bits
Dog Savagely Ripped To Bits



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