Don’t Let Your Kids Act Up

I picked my son up from his fathers today. He was grounded from his tablet before he went because I am no longer taking his attitude. I don’t know about other parents of six year olds, but the way he has been talking to me over the past 4-6 weeks is inexcusable and will not be tolerated anymore.

I had told him that if he was well behaved tonight, he could have his tablet back tomorrow.

We had a talk not only today on the way home, but multiple times over the weekend about how his bad choices had consequences. He was warned that he was going to have 3 strikes: tablet goes, then the tv goes, and then it’s the bedroom for the rest of the day.

Not even the first hour of being home, the attitude started. By attitude I mean dictating what he is and is not doing, not listening, telling me no, yelling at me, etc. I told him he was not getting his tablet back tomorrow. Then a few minutes later, the next attitude outburst came. TV is now taken away. 2 strikes. Then it was the 3rd attitude outburst. So now my son is eating dinner in his bedroom and afterwards will be in his bed staring at the ceiling for the rest of the evening. He needs to learn.

I’m not posting this to shame him. I posting this in case there are any other parents that are going through the same and doubting themselves. YOU ARE A GOOD PARENT. YOUR CHILD IS A GOOD KID. But they need to learn while they are still little because it’s even harder to teach them as they get older.

Before we know it our children are going to be young men and women and I sure am not letting my son into this world thinking it’s okay to act however he wants. I refuse to let my son be disrespectful to anyone. I refuse to let my son do as he wants instead of following the rules.

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