Is This The Greatest Baby Name

Ok so when we received this message last year we weren’t sure if it was real or not but my god did it make us laugh.

Hi can I have a post please, I split from my girlfriend a few months back and she’s just given birth to our son, this is great im so excited to be a dad.

But she’s named the baby Keith, not only do I not like the name but even his initials spell Keith

K…Keith                                                                                                            E…Edgar                                                                                                           I..Ian                                                                                                                 T…Thomas                                                                                                        H… Holmes.

The new dad went on to express his fear of introducing baby Keith to his friends, saying how do you tell people that your child is named after a 50 year old Scottish brawler.

Mums Advice members laughed at the name choice but took pity on this poor new dad, many defended the name Keith saying it was a lovely name but the initials were too much.

Is this the best baby name ever?

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