Hey can I have a private post please as to many people on the page I know , I’m …


Hey can I have a private post please as to many people on the page I know , I’m need to leave my partner of 10 years, I love him so much and we have kids and married but i cheated on him, I kissed another man, it wasn’t planned or nothing like that but I can’t live on a lie like this, it won’t happen again I won’t even go near him but I can not tell my partner as for one it would destroy us and two it would destroy a lot of lives for people involved as the person was a friend, so I’m guessing I should leave he has cheated on me three times which we split up over but a year later got back together and he is a changed man now and went on to have another child, and I hate myself that I have destroyed our family life I’ve never slept with any one but him he’s my world I don’t even usual look at other men so I don’t know why it happened but has any one been in a similar situation and left someone they love so much and rebuilt there life I don’t care about finding someone else as I can’t see my self with any one else but I mean new house new area etc please tell me I can re build my life after such a horrible thing I have done thanks in advance *no way do I Condone what I done or anything hence why I know I have to leave and it wasn’t revenge it was me and a friend having a chat about life and it happened but we both have a family and I won’t want to destroy someone else life over a mistake so better off me leaving and moving away #


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