Hi can I get people’s opinions on something please, I’m on the verge of telling …

Hi can I get people’s opinions on something please, I’m on the verge of telling my partner if he can’t step up and be a dad then to step down!

I have a 3 week baby boy, planned pregnancy cause my partner wanted to be a dad (I have a girl already) .. so he never came to any scans, midwife Appointments never brought a single thing for his son or anything, since he’s been born I’ve done every single nappy changes, every single feed, been up every hour when he won’t settle, bathed, dressed, provided, when he was poorly I asked partner to go to boots and get the snuffle babe stuff (highly recommended‚Äč by mums advice) but he went to sleep so I had to go down (partner drives I don’t) he is on Xbox all night until 3am then sleeps all morning and moans about being tired, (I got in bed at 11pm last night and gave up on sleep at 7am this morning cause little man didn’t want sleep) he will only hold his son for 5 mins until he gets board and wants me to hold him (I don’t mind, more snuggles for me of my boy) .. partner used to say he wants a boy to take him fishing when he’s older cause it’s a hobby but it seems he’s not interested in his sons early start in life but throws it in my face he has same parental responsibilities as me,
He’s thrown his hygiene out the window hasn’t showered in over a week, doesn’t change his boxes, even his best mate told him he smells that was 3 days ago but put deodorant on, I’ve asked him to shower too many times.
He doesn’t interact with his son, I talk, tickle, play, sing nursery rhymes to him and when I ask partner too sing to him he says ‘sarah he doesn’t understand’ I say ‘i know but he knows voices that’s why I talked to him when I was pregnant with him he knows me’ .. he seems interested in taking him fishing in the future, saying he has a son so people think he’s grown up but that’s it.
His big bro who he’s close to and sis has told him he needs to grow up.
He will hear my struggle sorting my daughter son out in mornings (breakfast, change nappies, dressed etc) but he will stay in bed and not offer help.
Am I over reacting? He doesn’t seem bothered. I’m going to tell him step up and be a dad cause parenting does not go on hold or step down.
Please no nasty comments .. I had another baby cause he said he will help etc (I love parenting .. my babies are my life) thank u xx


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