Hi, can I have a private post please? Has anyone had a ‘back to back’ baby? I’m …


Hi, can I have a private post please? Has anyone had a ‘back to back’ baby? I’m 38+1 and they think my baby is lying back to back, my back is so so painful, like a constant dull ache and it’s really painful when I need to wee. Anyone got any advice on how to turn her or at least how to ease the pain? I cannot sleep it’s that bad! I’ve tried being on my knees leaning forward which helps for a short while. Thanks in advance x



  1. Can you add please,
    Thank you to everyone who’s commented, I’m seeing my midwife Friday who should be able to advise further. It’s just the pain I want gone 😫. Hopefully she turns by herself but I’ll try the warm bath and being on hands and knees 😊 x

  2. My little boy was back to back, I was suffering from 25 weeks with my back, no one knew he was back to back until I was in labour, was horrendous, I was in slow labour for a week having full on contractions every time I moved, when I was in active labour (4cm dilated) being in hospital having his heartbeat & contractions monitored, I kept pulling it all off as I thought that was what was causing the pain, then they realised he was back to back 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄! He didn’t turn, I was dilating sooo slowly, had the drip to speed things along, his head got stuck, I started to get a temperature & I was getting poorly so ended up needing an emergency c section! When you next see your midwife get her to check if baby is back to back & see what they can advise! I suffered until I had him! I feel for you I really do! I hope baby turns for you! Good luck! & congratulations 🙃! Oh & baby will be worth all this pain & lack of sleep 🙊! X

  3. I had a back to back. Didn’t know until I was in labour. After pushing for 2 and half hours had to have ventouse to get him out.
    I only suffered with slight sciatic. Thankfully. When I was in labour I had to lie on my side to try and turn him. But failed xx

  4. I had a back to back labour, my boy turned in the last few days/weeks. honestly I didn’t think it was bad at all! everyone says it’s awful but it’s not, I had to have help as because he wasn’t back to front he couldn’t come out as he was supposed to do my midwife had to help a little bit x

  5. Had back to back labour. Didn’t no what way she was turned pushed with no progress for hour or so, had a failed suction cup and forceps with zero pain relief 😭 walk as much as you can go get baby to turn

  6. My oldest was back to back. I found soaking in the bath helped and been on hands and knees. Labour it’s self wasn’t to bad. Just took longer to push her out. Took nearly 11 hours in total, 49 mins pushing

  7. Mine was back to back and breech. I decided to have an elective section. It was so calm and organised and the right thing for me. Talk to your midwife and decide whats nest for you and baby x

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