Hi can you post… Long post please bear witg me.. Long story short my mum 2 s…

Hi can you post…

Long post please bear witg me..

Long story short my mum 2 sis and bro all live in the same house. I’m in all house with my 2 kids and partner. Everyone in mums house suffer from several mental health issues. Their heavily medicated. But I’m supposed to be the one who looks after them all. I do my best, I have my own kids to watch n house to keep but if if don’t do something in mums I’m the worst in the world. Just recently found out their down tgere talking behind ny back. Mum forgot to hang phone up and I heard them saying I was a lazy bastard and I only come when I’m looking something. Which is the other way around, last week my brother was rushed to hospital and I was the one who had to pay taxis for 8 days straight works out at 30pnd a day. I was the one who had to buy his tobacco pj’s socks and leave him 50pnd in total. This happens everytime someone has to go to hospital I’m the one who has to pay everything. They get their own money and pay for nothing more or less. I was getting mouthed about because i asked for 20 pound I borrowed my sister, I wouldn’t of asked buy I literally had 10pnd left from spending so much to go to hospital. The things their saying is vicious :(! But they won’t say to my face. I walk into mums house and with in 10 mins of being there my mood is pulled to the ground they all sit there talking about people and it’s annoying me. I really wanna move and start fresh i dont Care what row it starts, I need ny happiness and with them in my life and the pressure they put on me i can’t smile. Does this sound bad? Am I being selfish? They are literalky sacking every little bit of happiness out of me. And also has anyone moved to different town with 5 year old? I don’t want her missing her friends or that but I will come back her once a week for a day or 2. Xx


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