Hi could I please have a private post? I have a little girl who is 6 and being …

Hi could I please have a private post?
I have a little girl who is 6 and being assessed for adhd and autism. We’ve researched so much and tried loads of things bringing her up and she’s a very happy confident child she is just very behind mentally and doesn’t understand things at a 6yr old level. She is also working at a pre school level and she goes into year 2 in September. Her current teacher is amazing and so supportive but our next appointment with the peadatrician is in August so won’t get her adhd diagnosis until then. Then they will send her for the autism assessment which can take up to 3 years in my area so nothing will be happening quickly. But she has been playing with her poo started about 1.5 years ago and in march this year she had only done it that we know of 3 times. But since March it’s been like 6 times and she just isn’t understanding the severity. She’s never been able to explain herself her answer is always I don’t know no matter how you ask her. She does have other sensory issues with loud noises and smells and food. I just don’t know what to do anymore I feel like a really bad parent what am I doing wrong I just can’t find advice anywhere on what to do. She’s very happy and loving apart from that but she’s never been able to focus you can’t have a conversation with her at all can’t watch films etc or play on her own. She doesn’t have many friends that understand her because she’s not very socially aware of personal space and compromise. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thinking of maybe asking to see a child psychologist but I am really out of ideas. We’ve tried the nice approach of explaining it all calmly etc and we’ve punished her too sometimes. There’s no pattern to it she’s not stressed at the time etc and she doesn’t tell you she does it until you find out. Thank you for reading this xx


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