Hi ladies! Could I have a private post please. First of all happy new year to e…

Hi ladies! Could I have a private post please.
First of all happy new year to everyone! Hoping someone has some really good advice as it’s needed!!
Basically my other half has a child with his ex. We see the child as much as possible, pay monthly maintenance etc.
His ex is very unpredictable and over the past few weeks has physically attacked both me and my partner in front of their child. Police and social services were involved.
We have concerns for the child anyway, social services have been involved before by her daughters father. We were led to believe this was vindictive but we know it wasn’t (She does drugs morning till night) The children aren’t really cared for properly. A lot of the time they aren’t with her, which to be honest makes us feel better as we know her family love them. She has a large dog, that is constantly biting them, to where skin is broken and his child constantly is covered in bites, face, legs, feet body everywhere. The mother sees no problem with this. The physical attack on us was because my OH confronted her about these, and I jumped in when she was hitting and punching him. but the child literally walks in the house and the dog is biting them and not playfully. The child says she loves the dog but it hurts her. We have been persistent with social services but she is one of those mothers that literally never seems to have any consequences for her actions!! We are at our wits end, what can we do! We would love to have his child with us, but they love her and obviously is very close to her family, the child is always fine with us, but after a day or 2 wants to go home as they are missing their sister. Tia for any advice.


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