Hi looking for advice please!! I’m a 23 yr old mummy to a 4 yr old Lil boh and a…

Hi looking for advice please!! I’m a 23 yr old mummy to a 4 yr old Lil boh and a 6 month old baby girl 😊 I live a good 2 hours away from my family and I don’t drive so I try see them as much as I can, but no matter what I do they always have something to moan about! My little girl hates travelling so I Try my best, well most days I text my mam and let her no how the kids are and my older sister, but half the time they can’t even be bothered texting back! All they do is bitch about me on the phone to eachother, also my 4 yr old is from a previous relationship but my partner do as everything for him and he sees him as his daddy(own dad never met him) but my mum and partner don’t like each other so when my mum doas text (always me first) she always gos how’s (my son) and never ever asks how is my daughter? It’s like she has instant hate towards my daughter just because she doesn’t get on with my partner.. (Her dad) I really don’t no what to do because I want both my kids treated the same! I no she’s young now and doasnt understand but what about when she’s older?it isn’t fair and I’ve argued with my mum many of times in the past over this. Like my mum was never there for me I was in the care system my whole life and she could of took me and my 2 sisters back but she didn’t, she went on and had 3 more kids which she never gave up and has at home. Its just constant arguments because my mum can’t be happy for me, I even told my family 3 weeks ago that myself and my partner are planing on getting married by the end of next year and I didn’t even get one congratulations from any of them for been engaged. Shall I just not bother with her and she if she makes the effort because I really don’t no what to do 😞


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