I Expect Top Care Off Staff Not My Boy Left Like This

When I leave my son in the care of the nursing staff I expect top quality care not my poor boy being left

I have just walked into my sons room and his nurse was over by his cot she realised I was behind her and scurried out only for me to see my son like this his leg twisted right behind him

For those who know my son Jacob know he can’t get himself like this because of his muscle tone it is impossible !!!!!!

He was diagnosed with dystonia 6 months ago which made him bend in half backwards however this is not dystonia as his whole body would do this if it was.

He has been out like this and left he was screaming in pain

Luckily my friend was with me to take photos as I sorted him out and comforted my distressed and in pain baby boy.

Not only did the nurse do this she also messed up his antibiotics and left a syringe attached to his tube instead of taking it away like she should.

Also a few weeks ago my friends walked In to Jacobs room to find a pillow over his face and his machine had been beeping for twenty minutes when they looked back on the review of the machine how can they be so incompetent

Yes I have been to pals yes I have spoken to the ward manager but this is not the first time something like this has happened or a fuck up on Jacobs meds, I wish I could be by his side every waking minute but that is not possible, I have no choice but to trust these trained staff but they are failing my son.

I am devastated he is a little boy who deserves the right care and no fucks ups.

What else can I do?

To follow more of Jacob’s journey take a look of their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/thelittleboywhostolemyheart/

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  1. Sue their ass!! That’s is discusting they deserve to loose their jobs and your little boy deserve the best care their is while in hospital! Hope he gets better soon and gets better treatment 🙂 my thoughts are with u 🙂

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