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Give Drivers An Instant Ban Before Court

An appeal from Christina… Please support #TomsLaw 🙏

The pictures below are of me and my partner Tom. Tom showed me what love is and everyday made me feel loved and special. We were planning our future and were excited ❤️

On the 23rd February 2019 Tom collected his friends as they went for a groomsman suit fitting in Bristol. Tom was super excited about being asked to be groomsman for his best friend’s. They had a lovely time and travelled home safely. Tom and his friends hadn’t seen eachother very much as they were all working long hours. They had a few drinks, I offered to pick them up and drop them home but Tom didn’t want to wake me as I had work early in the morning. He was always so thoughtful.
Tom then took a taxi home.
In the early hours of 24th February 2019 Tom was dropped off and was speaking to a taxi driver when a drunk driver came along and hit Tom leaving Tom fatally Injured in the middle of the road. The driver didn’t stop or even slow down and continued driving for over 30 miles before burning the car out he stole. He didn’t even stop to offer Tom any help or know how injured Tom was.
A witness tried to help Tom and called him an ambulance. He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead when he arrived. Me and Tom’s family then received the dreaded knock at the door in the early hours from police officers telling us Tom was never coming home 💔 it was like someone just ripped our hearts out. The thought of never being able to speak, cuddle or having a day with Tom is truly heart breaking.
Tom’s killer was handed in. With every thing we had to take in, and preparing Tom’s funeral, and court attendances then being told his killer can’t be immediately banned from driving as only a court can do this.
This made it even harder to know our world had been ripped apart but his killer could carry on like normal until court bans him.
Due to the length of time it took to conduct the investigation etc Tom’s killer wasn’t banned from driving until 11 months after he killed Tom. People think this is law already but it’s not. We still have coroner’s court to go to yet. Everyday we wake up to Tom not being here. Tom will never be forgotten and lives on in our memories however much we wish for him to be here in person.

This is why we have now started a government petition for Tom’s Law.
Tom’s Law is to give police officers the power to suspend a driving licence immediately if a person fails a roadside breath/Drug test or has dashcam footage of a dangerous driver until an offender attends court. This can then be for a court to decide if a ban continues or stops.

We are doing this in memory of Tom and for anyone else who has lost someone to a drunk, drugged or dangerous driver

We need to reach 100,000 signatures for the government to debate this in parliament. Please help us by signing and sharing as this could save lives🙏

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