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Do Not Give Your Dog Rawhide Treats

Please, please, please, do not give Rawhide treats to your dogs.

“We nearly lost our 2 year old cocker spaniel due to him having a very large blockage in his stomach. Rawhide is not digestible so can build up in the stomach and also cause damage to the intestine. If we hadn’t taken him to the emergency vets on Sunday where they operated straight away it could have been a very different outcome. Charlie is now on the mend but may have to have another operation as he has damage to his intestine. The picture show just a small amount that they removed from his stomach (there was a lot more not shown in the picture).The vets bill came to 1600 which luckily we could pay and claim back on our insurance but not everyone could afford this and it would be heartbreaking for them if the only choice they had was to put their pet to sleep. All sale of Rawhide should be banned!!”

In addition, much as you hate to waste Turkey or Chicken bones, and your doggy is drooling, please, do not give cooked bones to dogs either.

Chicken and Turkey bones can splinter like timber, and can cause severe internal damage.

Other cooked bones are also dangerous, and very sharp, and can lodge in the gums.

The bin is the only place for bones, and out of scent and access to your furries.

If you want to treat your pets , please only get Pet safe treats from a good Pet shop or your Vet Clinic.

Also remember, keep chocolate well out of reach too, as this is highly toxic.

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