If You Don’t Think Nurses Deserve A Pay Rise Look At This

First day working 11 hours in full PPE. If you don’t think nurses deserve a pay rise look at this. If you think nurses should put up with the abuse of frustrated patients and relatives look at all of the photos like this.

If you think bankers and CEOs should be paid more and more money look at photos like this. There might be some fat shaming comments but I ate once all day, I drank water twice and I went to the toilet once. If I’d allowed a patient to be looked after like that then I’d be prosecuted for negligence. This is the reality, this is our life for the foreseeable future.

DON’T GO TO A AND E UNLESS YOU’VE HAD AN ACCIDENT OR YOU’RE HAVING AN EMERGENCY!! Your headache for 2 months is not an ACCIDENT. Or an EMERGENCY. Your backache, chest pain, abdominal pain for months is not for ACCIDENT and EMERGENCY. If you have clear Corona symptoms but you do not feel too unwell contact 111 DO NOT COME TO ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY FOR INFORMATION.

Credit https://www.facebook.com/tom.keeble.73

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