Is This The Worst Or Best Baby Name Ever?

Is This The Worst Or Best Baby Name Ever?

Ok so when we received this message via our Facebook page a few years ago we weren’t sure if it was real but we felt it had to posted and help this dad out.

The dad said “Hi can I have a post please, I split from my girlfriend a few months back and she’s just given birth to our son, this is great im so excited to be a dad.

But she’s named the baby Keith, not only do I not like the name but even his initials spell Keith

K…Keith     E…Edgar   I..Ian  T…Thomas   H… Holmes.

The new dad went on to express his fear of introducing baby Keith to his friends, saying how do you tell people that your child is named after a 50-year-old Scottish ginger brawler, I can’t change the nappy of a kid called Keith, Keith is for old people or ugly fat blokes, help can I change his name even after she has registered it?

Mums Advice members laughed at the name choice and asked if it was even real, after a few hours the father posted a photo of his new babies birth certificate and people were shocked.

People thought it was cruel to name a child Keith but even worse to have his initials spelling out the name too, one woman even said that the woman needed to seek mental health help.

However many men and woman thought the name was lovely and that they themselves had a child called Keith, but added that the initials was a step too far.

What are your thoughts on the name Keith? Is it a nice traditional name or outdated and awful?

Would you consider naming your child this? Do you feel it is nice but the initials are too much?

Do your own children have different or unique names, how do you deal with others criticising it?

Let us know your thoughts and views in the comments section

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