Out Of The Closet, I Have Something To Tell You

Out Of The Closet, I Have Something To Tell You

Out of the closet

Hey Mum, I have something to tell you,

“What dear” she turns and replies,

I freak as I don’t know what to say,

So I feed her some more lies.

It’s hard to tell your parents,

It’s hard to tell your friends,

So you pretend your normal to everyone,

You don’t want your relationship to end.

But 30 years later,

And your secret is still unknown,

All the times you could have said,

So your still in this on your own.

You decide to pluck the courage,

It’s time to face your fear,

You hold the phone so tightly,

Wiping away the tears.

You dial the number slowly,

Then press on call and wait,

The dialling tone is ringing,

I’ll hang up, maybe it’s to late.

Then she answers “Hi dear”,

You say hello back and sob,

“What’s wrong” she asks she’s worried,

Your heart begins to throb.

“Mum, I’m sorry, I’m different”

“I’m not who you want me to be”,

She cries down the phone and whispers,

“Your my daughter, now please tell me”

“Ok” but now I’m hysterical,

I say “Mum I am gay”,

“I’ve known for years, I’m sorry”

Then I take the phone away.

I’m terrified of her reaction,

Then my Dad comes on the phone,

“Oh you silly Girl, we always knew”,

“Now get your butt back home”

I walked in through the door,

They held me oh so tight,

We wish you’d told us earlier,

It would have been alright.

So you see now I’m happy,

I told all my Family,

Some are distant, most are fine,

But hey THIS IS ME 🙂

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