please could I have another private post . I’m 9 weeks pregnant with my partne…

please could I have another private post .

I’m 9 weeks pregnant with my partners baby (if you would call him partner ) we have been together 11 years & have another child at 9 , during my 1st pregnancy he left me wanted me to abort our kid ect I went on with the pregnancy & had my son he came into his life at 2 days old & has always been there he is a good dad until it gets to much and he walks out on us to smoke weed Now with my 2nd he asked me to try for a baby as soon as it happened he’s left me he calls me fat , he wants it aborted , he’s not been to scans ect I have spoke to a councillor who really doesn’t know what I should do threw his temper he kicks my door in if I lock him out , he’s messaged 2 girls within this 9 week pregnancy asking to meet them I suffer really bad with anxiety and depression and Im really struggling , today he threatened me with his family member & then grabbed me by the face and flung me on the floor since I’ve had bad cramp at the lower part of my stomach , I really can not deal with how bad my anxiety is I’m scared to leave home but so scared to be alone , I feel so worthless and like I mean nothing threw his messages to other girls I really don’t think I’m strong enough to deal with this pregnancy but I’m so scared if I abort I will regret it & be more depressed , I don’t really know what I’m looking for just needed a rant .


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