Ppp I am literally devastated so please be kind.. last week I found messages on…

I am literally devastated so please be kind.. last week I found messages on my fiance’s phone talking about buying/taking drugs on his upcoming stag do. He claimed it was just a stupid idea that wouldn’t have actually happened he just thought about it at the time. I could feel there was more to it so tonight after a long argument and a lot of persistence I’ve seen messages from further back talking about getting it for nights out etc. He’s still claiming he’s not actually taken them but I don’t believe that…
Our wedding is just around the corner so I’m just about to call it all off and look for somewhere else for me and my baby to live (he owns the house & I have nothing, no money at all as I’m still off on maternity and only do agency work so no consistent pay so that’s going to be hell) but my question is, is that the right thing to do? I’ve been clear from day 1 I won’t stand for drugs and especially now with a baby I am not having someone like that in our lives but he’s saying he’s just been feeling like taking them the last couple of months because he’s feeling overwhelmed & other things and that he’ll talk to a councillor as he struggles to open up (he’s got some family issues but I just think it’s a midlife crisis if I’m honest) so then that makes me think that I should just wait it out a bit and try and help him through it. When you get married you’re meant to help each other through tough times ? & if we were already married I probably would try harder to work it out but because were not yet I’m thinking get out now? What do you think?


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