Ppp Urgent My friends mum is taking her to grandparents court over access for …




My friends mum is taking her to grandparents court over access for the kids.
She has access she sees them twice a week!
The real issue is with my friend and her mum, she’s trying to control her.

What will the courts do as there is no issue with access the issue is their relationship.

She’s very upset as she doesn’t want to talk to her mum with mediation she doesn’t want anything to do with her but has never stopped the kids seeing nan.



  1. Please reply to Deborah,

    That’s amazing and I’m glad the system has worked for you.🤗

    My friend just wants her wishes respected and wants no relationship with her mother but the kids do see her all the time it’s insane!

    What will mediation actually do? Will they respect her wishes?

  2. Friends of mine had this, the grandparents were seeing their little girl but they still took them to court for more access. The court wasn’t happy that it had been brought to them and the grandparents were not awarded any more access than what they were having anyway. Grandparents do have rights but if they are seeing the grandchildren then they probably won’t be granted any more. I hope it all works out for your friend x

  3. i am a nan who had to go to court to see her grandkids. i wasnt seeing them and i am now which is brilliant. with grandparents rights if she has access it will not even get to court. she can refuse mediation but either way it will not get to court. The only way to sort out their issues is mediation, not court. Its the kids who get dragged into things, and thats not right. it took me 11 months to see them again and court is not the way to go

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