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Private post please? To the ladies and gents on here. I need advice. How do I …

Private post please?
To the ladies and gents on here. I need advice.
How do I get it through to my other gals that if he don’t stop being so possessive and controlling I WILL leave him. For example. We’re currently on holiday abroad. As soon as any guy looks at me he goes off on one with me. I took my little girls for a walk earlier in the sun whilst he was asleep came back to get us all ready for tonight and he started going off on one because “I’m trying to make him jealous. How do I know where u have been for an hour” told me he is leaving when we get back from holiday and in his words “you’d be stuck without me I’m the only person who will watch the kids whilst you work” yes I have 2 kids under 3 and work my arse off for a living. The thing is I’ve actually done nothing wrong and he is making it a big issue this happens every time someone looks at me as they walk past. I can’t help people looking at me. Makes a huge atmosphere makes me feel horrible then acts like nothing’s happened. I can’t bloody cope I’ve told him about it he just gets on his high horse and Blames me ! Does any one have any advice how I get it into his thick head that I won’t stand for this much longer and it isn’t right how he is acting???? Thanks in advance


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  • Can you reply to my post please. I’m not trying to prove anything to my friends I don’t even know why that comments been posted? I completely understand people telling me to run. Yes if I showed him this he would bitch about me asking for advice 😑 has anyone been through anything similar? He don’t think it’s an issue but it’s really bringing me down. He’s told me before no one will take me with 2 kids as it’s too much baggage which is a nieave comment ifi do say so myself. I’m just running out of effort now. I work I take care of my kids I pay my bills and there’s always food on the table I know I deserve better 😞😞 I think I’m just ranting.

  • Total control, you need to leave him.. Seriously what he is doing is mental abuse, you know you deserve better and just because you have 2 kids does not mean you won’t find someone who treats you right, he is only saying that to scare you so you won’t leave him… Because he knows if you do someone better will come along x

  • Imagine one of your daughters coming to you saying exactly what you’ve said…what would your advice be to her? You’re worth more than this relationship 🙂

  • So are you wanting to convince your friends you will leave him……who cares about them….you need think about yourself and how your big child of a man is making your life a misery…

  • This sounds like another ‘controlling’ factor. He wants you to leave, so you have the guilt etc. He will not acknowledge that his actions have caused this decision.
    He is trying to mentally abuse you, by telling you no-one will have you etc. He is a bully !!!! You know really, in your heart, whether you want to stay and let your children see this, or not !!!
    Get home, make phone calls/arrangements, sort it – your future will be better. After all, it can’t be much worse, can it ??

  • Have you told him? Whether or not you have, I have to say he won’t change and I don’t think you’ll leave him as soon as you should (ie now). If you really meant it, you would have left him already instead of posting on here or thinking about trying to change him. If his behaviour isn’t good enough, either speak to him or leave. If you speak to him and he won’t listen, leave.

  • Guilty conscience if you ask me. Men like that often don’t listen. You can’t just tell him you’re leaving,you have to leave

  • He won’t get it In his thick head. And it WILL get worse. Just get out as soon as you can.

  • Maybe hes behaving like he is because hes upto somthing himself if ur not happy leave him dont chase someone whos being a pig about things


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