The 2 Year Funding Shouldn’t Be For The Unemployed

The 2 Year Funding Shouldn't Be For The Unemployed
The 2 Year Funding Shouldn't Be For The Unemployed

I’m gonna rant and I will probably offend people but I honestly don’t give two hoots.

So a 2-year-old can now get free early education and childcare if they live in England and get one of the qualifying benefits like income support, and tax credits and they have an annual income of under £16,190 before tax.

So let’s get this straight if you don’t work and sit at home all day watching Jeremy Kyle, and scrolling through Facebook you can get free childcare, awesome you clearly deserve a break from your exhausting life 😡wouldn’t be so bad if they used this time to actively seek out work.

My husband works damn hard to provide for me and our 2-year-old son, we just about make ends meet but every month is a struggle, we have to budget just to put food on the table and clothes on our backs, luxuries are a distant memory, no fancy holidays or nice new cars for us, we class putting the heating on as a huge luxury.

I would love to return to work but we would not be able to get any form of financial help to pay for the extremely high child care costs, I would have to be earning £17 an hour just to make it financially viable.

So yet again those who choose not to work and don’t wish to better themselves (not all I know many have genuine reasons) get extra support and help to have an easier life.

It sickens me that if I were to leave my hard-working loving husband I would be financially better off, I could live off benefits or return to work and my son would get free childcare, my child would then be able to go on nice holidays and have named brand clothing, he wouldn’t have hand me down toys and only be able to go on free or cheap trips out.

When will the government realise that it’s the people working that are struggling, they are the ones who should get extra help, 2 year funding for all or for no one, this country is unfair and it’s breaking people, those who are unemployed by choice don’t deserve anything, let the people who want to better themselves have help or a slight leg up, don’t penalize us for earning and working our butts off.




  1. It’s because statistics show that children from ‘poorer’ backgrounds do worse academically, not all children of course but I find it sad that you wouldn’t want a child to do well because you’re pissed at the benefit system, it’s also for children who’s parents have a low income NOT JUST THE UNEMPLOYED, I don’t receive the free hours but I wouldn’t begrudge another parent using them for their child, it’s not just about ‘having a break’ or free childcare like it would be for you.

    • This may be so pippa but could some parents not access the children’s centres and parent and baby groups that are there to ‘enrich’ the children which are often free or of very little cost, that are run during the hours that working parents cannot access? I do agree that, as a working family the majority of our wages goes on childcare to keep us being able to go in work, and if the system would provide some help for working parents before the age of 3 it would be very beneficial, we are paying a lot of taxes through our wages after all!

  2. It’s disgusting, I’m a single parent earning over the low threshold and for my son to go to nursery fulltime it costs me over £1100 a month and I get a shocking £7 a week towards those fees. I had to move back home with my mum so I can carry on working. I have to wait until my son is 3 and half until I can see the benefit of working to earn money. I worked out how better off I would be to give up work- I would get my rent paid, 15 hours a week to myself, lower or no need to pay council tax, money left over to spoil my son and lots of time to spend with him. Instead, I work nearly 40 hours per week, see less of my son and most of my salary goes towards his nursery and bills that have to be paid. I won’t give up work because I want me son to see that you need to work in life to get nice things, as difficult as that may be.

  3. Your comments are disgusting. It’s given to the children to get them to mix with other children. And build their confidence. Especially if there are mums like me who never stop cleaning the home. Believe me with two children. It’s a nonstop job. Time for TV. Are u kidding. I wish. A flat that magically cleans its self. My partner works long hours. Hardly see him. We earn less than u that’s why we are entitled to it. We don’t get holidays. We have not got a car. We pay our own rent and everything fully. Clearly you watch TV yourself all day long. So why don’t u get a job. Or will you miss your soaps??????? You need to get your facts right. I have a 3 year old and newborn. Hardly get a second to play with her. As holding my newborn who screams all day and up all night. So as u say a break from a break. Actually I could do with one. But not getting it. Sorry to rant. But it’s very rude. As some mums do work very very hard might not get paid for it. But think I should lol

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