True Story From A Blonde Mum

True story from a blonde Mum.

In a hurry, no time for full shower b4 going out but as its really only the hair that needs washing, i quickly grab *my* shampoo and proceed to wash my hair over the bath tub, only realising half way through that it doesn’t smell like mine but the kids. OH WELL, ITS A 3 IN ONE – shampoo/conditinor & INCLUDES NO TEARS!

BOLLOCKS!!!!! The pain of trying to brush my hair took me back to my childhood. When I was 100% sure my parents where trying to take my head off with the brush. The tangles in my hair nearly broke my hairbrush and the stream of tears was unbelievable!!!

Moral of story – slow down, read bottles and SUE company for lying and taking me back to pains of the past!!!

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