Why I Will Not Vaccinate My Child

We are done playing nice and trying to be civil. 😡

You want to force us to  vaccinate our kids with liability free, untested, potentially deadly shots?! You got a war on your hands. Over my dead body are you getting to my healthy unvaccinated child. He will not be your guinea pig, your paycheck or your lab rat.

I am his mother. #idonotconsent

It is my job to protect him. I have his best interest at heart. I am responsible for him. I am his mother and I call the shots, not the state health department or any doctor or any governmental agency, personnel or politician.

You can censor us on social media. You can try to silence us but we will not stop and #wewontrest because it is our children you are after and we will do whatever it takes to protect them from your greed and corruption.

We will hit the streets with our information. We will show up at all your meetings and hearings. We will be heard! No matter what you do to try to stop our movement you can’t stop the truth from getting out. 🗣🖕🏼

You can try to ostracize all the medical professionals who speak out. You can call us #crazymothers and crazy “anti-vaxxers.” You can try to discredit us, silence us, bully us, shame us, but you will never win this war because we have truth on our side and truth ALWAYS PREVAILS! 🕊

And our motive is stronger than yours. 💪✊



Credit Maya Grace

Author: XGemx

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