You Waking Up This Morning Was For A Reason

I woke up this morning with oxygen in my lungs, full health and in no amount of pain. As did most of you, you went to bed, you went to sleep but you awoke, you are alive you are here.

You may be sad, you may be tired, you may have a lot in your life that you are not happy with, but think of this, what would have happened if you didn’t awake today?

Who would care for your child, how would they cope without you, you are a gift, you are a miracle, you are a hero and role model to your child, you are their entire life.

Whatever is going on in your own life there is a little person who needs you more than anything.

You waking up this morning was for a reason, and that reason calls you mum, your breath, your beating heart, you are a living breathing amazing person, how fortunate are we for our lives and that we get to share it with the people we love the most.

Make today count, make every day special, even if it just means sitting down at the end of the day for a meal or a snuggle under a duvet watching a Disney film.

Life is for living, yes you have to work, yes you have to pay bills, yes its bloody stressful but to that little person pulling on your skirt, today is the best day ever because of YOU!

Full credit to Lette Marie Winter sent in via email

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