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Angry Facebook User Target Unicorn Business

Angry Facebook Users Target Unicorn Business.

A company called Cotswold Unicorns were spammed with multiple terrible reviews, angry comments and hateful messages after screen shots were shared into Vegan groups, a girls bitchy chat group and a discussion and rant page.

Cotswold unicorns hired out a beautiful white horse to be used at parties and celebrations, the horse wore a fake unicorn horn and children were given “animal friendly” paints and chalk to decorate the animal.

Within 2 hours of the screen shots being shared 157 reviews were placed on Cotswold unicorns Facebook page.

Here are some of the replies

Carrie owens “This is animal abuse I hope you get your horse taken away from you, horses are not for drawing on”

Freya Lassels “erm unicorns aren’t real and neither is your business, you’re the reason people become vegans and no one wants any more of them in the world”

Patty Shackles ” SICK, SICK, SICK, animal abuse at it’s worse”.

On their Facebook page Cotswold Unicorn advertise

“Here at Cotswold Unicorns, we’re all about making memories that last a lifetime.  Golden afternoons spent in the fresh air getting to know our unicorns, grooming and painting them to look even more beautiful, with lots of laughter along the way. 

We offer bespoke parties as well as standard options, and with prices starting from £130 there’s something for everyone at Cotswold Unicorns”.

Whats your thoughts is it animal cruelty or harmless fun to paint and draw on a horse/unicorn? Let us know your views in the comments.

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