Do Not Use Viagogo For Your Tickets

For those of you wanting to attend a concert I need to plead with you to not use viagogo for your tickets, or these other places selling tickets unless it’s from the actual site.

Many shows do not allow the e-tickets anymore (you’ll also notice the huge difference in costs to what you paid than what’s on the ticket!) so you’ll have to go to the box office to get them, but the people who order them have a different name. So even if you have the proof of purchase you still won’t be allowed in.

We believed viagogo was a reputable company when we bought tickets, however when we went to our venue we were not allowed to enter as the ticket was not valid. Whilst we were lucky that my husband could get through to viagogo on the phone which many struggle to do so, so we have a refund coming….many aren’t so fortunate.

I have since discovered that we are not alone and many other people have had the same issue, take a look at some of the awful reviews this company has received


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