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Cam I have a ppp sorry if it is a long one! I have a dilemma and im not sure wh…

Cam I have a ppp sorry if it is a long one!

I have a dilemma and im not sure what’s the right thing to do, does anyone have any advice for me? I’m very good friends with my neighbour she’s really great to my kids, a family friend really. She’s about 15 years older than myself. My neighbour’s only child is her daughter who is 20 (lives at home) and I see her like a little sister or cousin and always look out for her. 2 weeks ago she asked for my help and showed me a positive pregnancy test. I comforted her, reassured her, gave her a lecture and tried to educate her, letting her know she had some serious thinking to do and that she should go speak to her mum as they are close. I advised her to go to the GP which she has done and she has decided she does not want to continue the pregnancy. So my dilemma is…she hasn’t told her mum, I feel like I’m lying to my friend now and am trying to avoid her at present. I understand her daughter is an adult and it is up to her at the end of the day, however I know her mum will support her regardless of the decision she makes. I also feel that the daughter is making a decision to terminate on the basis that it’s her 21st birthday in a few weeks and she has a summer holiday booked. I don’t think she realises the emotional strain going through with a termination will be ( I have tried to tell her but it just sounds like I’m trying to scare her). They have been out all week while her mum is buying her loads of nice expensive things for her birthday and I feel that my friend is going to be mad that neither of us told her. The daughter is messaging me all the time asking if the aches and pains of early pregnancy are normal and I just feel it should be her mum that she should be talking to. What should I do? Shut up and just make sure the daughter is ok, or speak to my friend? I know if it was my daughter I would want to know….


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