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Can I get a private post please? My partner and I have been talking about growi…

Can I get a private post please?

My partner and I have been talking about growing our little family and becoming a family of four.
Our biggest fear is that we won’t be able to “afford” a second child so I’m interested to know how much difference a second child makes financially and how you went going from one child to two 😊
Thanks in advance mummy’s! x


8 thoughts on “Can I get a private post please? My partner and I have been talking about growi…

  • I had a boy first then a girl. It cost an absolute fortune! But I’ve gotten into that Spanish wear for her and outfits are expensive. Now I have a 6 year old doing clubs left right and center and a 1 year old costing lots in pretty clothes and now in nursery fees! Having two in this regard cost a lot. But I’ve got plenty of friends with 2 children who do it much cheaper than me.

  • I have just become a mother of 2, I’m on maternity pay so we stocked up on nappies and milk and bought everything baby needed before maternity started, we don’t really notice the difference. Going from one to 2 was awful for he first few days when my partner went back to work but I’m 3 weeks in and have gotten in to the swing of things now, I’m sure you will be fine just go for it, good luck x

  • Go for it hun, we have 3 kiddies 10 7 and 1 years old and we found ways ov making our money going further, like claire says you just budget, I found it cheaper to buy nappies and wipes in bulk and with places like asda and aldi u can’t go wrong xxx

  • I found it quite expensive for the initial first year id give the advice of buying alot of clothes seats nappies ect in advance and put money aside for other things but after the first year things will slow x

  • we have 3 12 6 and 7 month and I didn’t ever find it much more expensive after the initial outlay of pram etc. yeah nappies are expensive and milk etc but just budget for them. we have 31st October, 6th November and 26th January babies so October to jan is expensive lol xx

  • We went from 1 to 3. It was a push but we worked it out. I didnt find it more expensive as at the time nappies were on offer. Milk was expensive for us as we were using 2 a week.

    If u have your pushchair and things from first child that helps.

  • I never really noticed a huge difference my shipping bill went up by £20 a week that’s about in x

  • It not that expensive child benefit and child tax credit will prob cover it anyways go for it x


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