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can i have a pp please hey ladies i want to know if im in the wrong here . so …

can i have a pp please

hey ladies i want to know if im in the wrong here .
so my childs father is supposed to have her every other weekend sat till sunday night . shes 3 months old for the past 8 weeks he hasnt had her at all due to one thing or another she has medical issues and has recently had an op . the time before that was becajse she had a sligbt tummy upset and he did not want to risk his other children getting it . the time befote tbat he was supposed to have her for my borthday bit because we argued over him posting family photos with himself his gf n my child on social media he refused to have her iv asked him to have her this weekend coming because quoet frankly im a exhausted sibgle morher of 2 my daughter has talapies and my son has ahd so i have alot to deal with he didnt have her the weekend gone because i said of she wernt well afyer the op then id keep her bit if she was then he coukd take her she was fine but he has already arranged to go away with his gf and other children . he sais he has things to do next weekend so my question is do you think im wrong for going of on one . take it into account he has had her twice in her life. i just feel like hes taking the piss because at one point he went 4 weeks with only seeing her for 1 hour and that was inmy to pick his birthday present up.


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