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Can I have a pp please!! This is going to be long as I don’t no how to fit it al…

Can I have a pp please!! This is going to be long as I don’t no how to fit it all in just looking for advice.. So I’ve got a little boy from a previous relationship and have a 6 month old with the man I’m with now, he brought up my son as his own and always treats him the same as our 6 month old because his own dad has never been in his life.. He’s got us a house and everything! But the problem is my mum.. Ever since I settled down she’s not happy about anything! First time she met him she even tried to put him off me and we werent even together properly.. She’s always giving out saying she don’t see the kids since I got with him blah blah but yet she doesn’t make any effort whatsoever to see them, its always me who has to travel 1-2 hours on a bus with them to her house for a few hours and she still complains and is not happy because we don’t sleep over there, she’s constantly on the phone bitching to my other sisters about me that I “forgot them” which is totally not tru, I try as much as I can to visit but I’m always busy with my 6 month old and appts for her cysts, well anyhow, last night my now fiance proposed to me! And I’ve never been happyier, we said we would tell family first b4 announcing on Facebook, all of his family were so sweet and so happy and excited for us, I let my sisters no and my mum, both sisters said congrats and nothing else. I texted my mum telling her the news and she never even replyed!? So so upset that my own mother couldn’t even congratulate her own daughter and I am really at a point I feel like I just need to cut her out of my life because I can’t be happy with her moaning all the time and saying stuff behind my back! I thought I would at least get a congrats back but nothing at all! I was in care all my life so I never was really with her but I just feel like she doesn’t give a sh** what gos on in my life need advice on what to do please 😢


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