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can i have a pp please dont know what to do my 2 n half years old asking to c he…

can i have a pp please
dont know what to do
my 2 n half years old asking to c her daddy but unfortunately we lost him before when i was 18 weeks pregnant with her i explain to her daddys not here n hes watching u from up there 😭 what else should i tell her


12 thoughts on “can i have a pp please dont know what to do my 2 n half years old asking to c he…

  • My dear Grandad passed away 3 weeks before my daughter was born. I went to see him at least twice a week and he would always give my belly a rub. I have lots of photos of him up in my house and we talk about him everyday. My daughter is nearly 10 years old now and talks about him as if she knew him. So my advice (I know it’s not the same situation ) is talk about him and tell your little one how much he loved and still loves them from up in the clouds. And maybe a photo in their room too. It’s seriously hard thing to tell a child when they are young cos they struggle to understand. All the best lovely and I wish you a happy future xx

  • My nan died when my daughter was 3 we was round there as much as we could be atleast once a week she’s now 4 and she talks about my nan all the time iv told her she’s in heaven with my brother and she tells everyone about it she will just come out with it out the blue like something reminds her of her and she will say something eg. She had a balloon from mc ds and it flow away she was screaming her head off for it I said it’s going up to nanny badleg (that’s what she calls her) she stopped crying I said nanny will love that its her favorite colour green you just need to tell the child the good things about her daddy and keep talking about him try not cry when she dose ask Coz she you want her to be happy about the situation and she will pick up on it if you look sad let her no he’s favourite colour and that xx

  • Hardest thing ever to explain my dad died when my little girl was 22 months old and I kept his ashes in a tin and used to explain that my dad was like jack in the box but very special and had to stay in there so hard when days she would ask if he could come out and play! Xx

  • I am the same i did a flower garden out my back my pater died three yours ago my son was very young when he asks me for his daddy i show him his picture and tell him he with holy god he is five now and helps me look after daddya garden there not really much u can tell them only the truth

  • Keep it simple.and be honest. My 3 lost their dad almost 2 year ago. They still aren’t really old.enough to fully understand

  • Say something lovely like only the best daddies get promoted to angels. Show her pictures of him don’t hide it away show her how much you loved him and how much he loves her x

  • I lost my dad when I was 20 weeks. My Lg is now 5 but always questioned about grandad (as we do often talk about him and she has older nephew / niece who did meet him so understand)

    We just explained from being little that he was too poorly to be fixed by the doctors and they didn’t have enough medicine and he is now in heaven.
    We take her to the cemetery and show her where he now lives with the angels and he’s a star in the sky, we’ve often let balloons off with messages on but since getting older we have explained more but always from being little we have discussed him and she’s got to understand more.

    In fully understand that circumstances are different from being a dad to grandad but just try and make it as simple as possible till she’s older to understand more x

  • My sons five his dad died when he was 3 the hardest thing I ever did was tell him that broke my heart I told him the Angels had a very special job for him so he had to go up to heaven but if he looks at the sky at night the very bright star was his dad watching him and the twinkle was him saying I love you my son now five tells everyone his daddy had to go but it’s ok because he’s the big star in the sky x

  • Why don’t you name a star after him and get her a little telescope so she can see her daddy x

  • Say daddy had to go to heaven because he was very I’ll and tell her u made a garden or special cornner in the house so u can remember him by and that if u dream about him he knows ur safe and he lves u lots


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