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Can I have a PPP.. Might be a bit of a long one Anyways me and my husband wen…

Can I have a PPP..

Might be a bit of a long one πŸ™ˆ

Anyways me and my husband went to court about the kids (he’s suppose to have them from 4pm Friday till 1pm Sunday) anyways that lasted for around 3 weeks.. He lives with his mum, step dad and younger brother and I’ve always stuck to agreement and sometimes worked around them on days and times.. Anyways his mum text me last night saying not picking kids up till 7 when I’m going to my mates surprise party at half 5 so I’ve text them and said ile meet my husband in bus station with kids at half 4 (he finishes work at half 3) so he’s rang me this afternoon kicking od saying no his mums picking them up at that time and if he sees me hes gonna put me in ground (he chats shit he rang police on me other day saying I was bullying him) πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

I was on good terms with my mother in law till last week when my sister seen my husband out Friday when he’s suppose to have kids and I rang her and she lied and said he was at his dads till I said where he was and times and things..

He’s also pissed off because CSA finally gone through and he now gotta pay for his kids (done that click anf collect) not sure how that works though?

Just wanting to let some steam off and some.advice because I’m so pissed off.. The kids are only 5,3 and 2 and when there at home there all In bed for half 6 and usually asleep for that time xx


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