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Can I have a ppp? My friend has just found out she’s pregnant and she’s got me w…

Can I have a ppp? My friend has just found out she’s pregnant and she’s got me worried already.She works and so does her partner and she lives at his house so all good on that side of things.She has said already that once baby is here she will lose all her baby weight straight away as there’s no excuse to be fat??when I said yeah it doesn’t always work like that she said oh it will even if I need to stop eating.Shes also under the same impression during pregnancy that she’ll only have 3 healthy meals a day(she doesn’t cook and he does ready type meals)I said every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy I was lucky I was all bump and did lose most of the weight over time but I know a girl who piled on stones during every pregnancy(she’s had4)and has never lost it and she works goes to the gym and tries to eat healthy.I told her that she needs to eat healthy and listen to her body if it needs more food or certain things eat them that doesn’t mean you have to eat everything in sight (although as you mums know some days that’s just how life gets you)but she also came away with the baby will be left to cry it needs to learn it’s no being spoilt?when I said yeah but they’re up at all times of the day and night to get fed and she said what they need fed at night???and yes this was a serious question she has nieces and nephews but is always very anti baby and has always said she never wants kids so I was gobsmacked when she said she was pregnant but all these comments and more have got me questioning what sort of parent she’ll be and I know that’s terrible as she’s my friend and so far I’m the only person who knows other than her partner and her work so I have been doing my best to answer any questions she’s had.I had to keep telling her to go to the docs to get signed up with the midwife for bloods scans etc and she said no I don’t need to I just go to the hospital for my scans I don’t need the doctor to tell me I’m pregnant 🙈please tell me I’m not being an over sensitive person here worrying about all this?i am a mum too so I do know how parenthood can be that’s why I’ve tried to be honest yet not have her terrified but I feel it’s falling on deaf and almost immature ears x


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