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Can I have a PPP. Not baby related. So me an my partner have been together 2 yea…

Can I have a PPP. Not baby related. So me an my partner have been together 2 years. We’ve always had a very active sex life. He’s always persisted he has no interest in porn or masturbation. always says he never needs it. He made a few mistakes at the beginning of the relationship and I chose to forgive him. He’s been amazing since. We’ve lost two babies together and remained strong. But the last few weeks things have been different. People normally comment on how seriously close and loving we are. But now I’ve felt distanced from him. He normally showers me in effection and can’t get enough of me. I’ve tried with him and he just goes to sleep. He always says he’s a few year older than me and can’t keep up with me which I get. But We’re extremely close but we’ve only slept together twice in about 3 weeks and today I found out the other day he was watching porn and masturbating while I slept but he’d made no attempt to have any sort of interaction with me while I was awake. I’ve tried just talking to him but sometimes he can be really immature and just laughs in my face tells me I’m daft. And expects it to be never brought up again. His behaviour never changes no matter what he does if I mention it he apologises and then goes straight back to normal. Am I being pathetic here? It feels like we’ve gone from super close to barely speaking a word within days. I know to pick my battles wisely and not be a bitch for no reason but it just feels like he isn’t even interested in me no more and I just don’t know how to get it back to normal.


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