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Can I have a ppp please So my child attended a nursery and came home and told …

Can I have a ppp please

So my child attended a nursery and came home and told us the new member of staff had smacked her bum and told her she is naughty. I voiced my concerns regarding this matter and they dismissed it up until I involved ofsted they conducted there own investigation, the nursery, and they was asking my child who’s of pre school age what time of the day it happened, and may more questions that a three year old wouldn’t be able to answer. Because of the questions that they asked they said that they had enough evidence say that my daughter was lying. My daughter story never changed when we asked her questions so I believe the nursery is doing a cover up because it would destroy them…as they have been quiet nasty towards me when I have expressed my concerns. Where can I go to next where I can get someone else to do the investigation that isn’t biased.

Thank you for reading hopefully makes sense as at the moment I feel a dead end and let down. So any advice would be amazing! Sorry about it being so long.
Thank you.


10 thoughts on “Can I have a ppp please So my child attended a nursery and came home and told …

  • Although I would like to believe your daughter as it’s such a horrible thing to happen… I’ve worked in many nurseries and you wouldn’t believe the amount of children who’d go home and tell their parents me or other members of staff have hit them. We 100% hadn’t. It was normally the 3 year olds telling their parents this.
    They may have just been told off and thought to get us into trouble. Luckily no complaints were ever made thank God! That could lose someone their job.

  • Go with your gut instinct, but me personally would believe my daughter 100% and take her out of the nursery straight away, imagine if it has happened and you don’t believe her and it all gets dismissed and something awful happens in the future and she doesn’t want to tell anyone incase they don’t believe her (not trying to scare you but you need to think of things in the long run as things like this can have a lasting affect) working with venerable children myself no matter what the child has done you would never call them naughty, you would sit them down and explain why they cannot do what they’ve done and give them a positive note to end on. It’s a serious allegation even if she is only 3!

  • Where you present when your daughter was asked questions at the nursery ? Surely they can’t quiz a child with out a parent present . I would take it further. Did the follow the safeguarding policy for this complaint with it being a suspected incident .

  • Stories don’t need to change for them to lie my daughter is a big liar and even when infront of proof both together showing evidence she still believes the lies im not saying ur daughter is lying just that they can lie stick to stories and believe it’s true if u can’t get down to the bottom of it and believe there’s a safety issue remove it daughter from nursery and put her into another

  • Most daycares are funded by another company find out the company and complain to them


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