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Can I have a private post please? I’m hoping for some reassurance stories becaus…

Can I have a private post please? I’m hoping for some reassurance stories because at the moment I feel so broken. Please bare with me it’s pretty long winded.
I recently found out I was pregnant & I was bleeding like a period. I had two scans, one booked via NHS and , one was at a private clinic I paid for who estimated me around 3.5 weeks. 3 days later the scan at the NHS hospital dated me at 5.5 weeks. (Two different sonographers dating the pregnancy with a 2 week difference) The Private clinic said everything looks fine but its very early days. However the NHS sonographer said there was just a sac and that there wasn’t much growth in the 3 days between the scans and was concerned that the pregnancy would not be successful. A week later i went for a 3rd scan at nhs and there was still a sac, but no baby as yet and no heartbeat. The sonographer said she would have expected the sac to have doubled in size. Instead it went from 5.7mm to around 6.8mm, although she said this could be due to the angle of the internal scan and doesn’t mean any growth. I have been bleeding for 10 days now, but no cramping and I have not passed any clots. The sonographer has told me the pregnancy looks like it wont progress further and has failed and i should expect to miscarry, but if I have not passed anything within 10 more days I have another scan booked where they expect to see no change, and will want to give me medication to help pass the baby. I’ve already decided I will NOT be accepting the medication and I want nature to take it’s course, that is not what I’m posting for. If the lady who conducted the private scan got her dates correct then I would only be 5 weeks (hence little growth, and no heartbeat or baby as yet) I’m really hoping for some positive stories, i am prepared for the worse but I’m holding onto the fact the dates could be wrong, that the sac has grown, if only slightly, and I have not passed any clots or any pain, i also have all pregnancy symptoms still. Has anyone had a slow growing sac, and bleeding and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? I am praying so hard right now, i hope this makes sense.


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