Can I have a private post please. In need of serious help before my relationshi…

Can I have a private post please.

In need of serious help before my relationship is over for good.

Lately I’ve had doubts over my parter due to the way he’s been acting. Tonight he went out with his mates and came home. All was fine. We haven’t “been together” for over a week(very very unusual for us!) and he has a very high sex drive. We get down to it if you will and he couldn’t finish what he had started (sorry for the overshare)!!! His phone then rang, he jumped up to see who it was and put his phone under his pillow. I asked to see who it was, he showed me the name saying it was his brother. I then asked if I could have his phone to look at the contact. He refused to give it to me, instead asking me over and over what I wanted to look and what I thought I was going to find. Showed me the contact himself but wouldn’t even let me touch his phone. I said the way he was acting was making me feel really uneasy and gave him a few examples of ways he’s been acting strangely lately and I just needed to see that to put my mind at rest and after I would let it lie. He still refused and put his phone on the floor under his side of the bed, and laid with his back to me. I then asked him if he’d let me leave rather than let me see his phone and he again just asked what I want to look at exactly over and over. I said I didn’t really know and to be honest, if he’d have said yes I think that would have been enough but it’s the fact he outwardly refused to hand it over when he’s never been like that previously with his phone.

I then said there is clearly something on there he doesn’t want me to see and that was enough for me and he told me to just leave then. So I did.

He’s now saying that he never “physically” stopped me from taking his phone and therefor isn’t an outright refusal and I’m blowing it way out of proportion and he’s so confused as to why I walked out. I haven’t slept a wink all night because I’m so confused.

I guess I just want some opinions really? Do you think this looks odd?? The fact he told me to leave then over letting me just look at a contact on his phone myself?? Help please I feel like I’m losing my mind 😭 xx


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