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Can I have a private post please My 5 year old has turned into a nightmare so …

Can I have a private post please

My 5 year old has turned into a nightmare so demanding aggressive violent we are at our wits end with him. He kicks off at the simplest things like can you brush your teeth for bed? And he goes off in one he says everyone hates him he hates his family screams till he’s blue in the face and gets himself in some state. We have tried everything naughty step, put to bed, sitting trying to talk leaving him to come out of his mood but he just doesn’t stop he always comes back for more. Coming to his level and he lunges for uz. He’s a sweet happy boy at school teachers praise him but at home he is like the hulk. I have a little boy at 1 also I don’t want him picking up the big ones habits and we don’t make a difference with them we have lots of fun as a family but when he doesn’t want to do what he’s been asked to do all hell breaks loose. I don’t know where the violence comes from he doesn’t play or watch violent things he is always outside on his bike or with a football so he isn’t seeing violent things on tv or computer games. I’m broken hearted that he tells me he hates me 😞 I just want my boy to be happy but he needs to know he can’t rule the roost. Any suggestions would be great. And he is definitely not spoiled we are are hard working parents but just enough to get by. Please no bashing. Sorry it’s a long post Thanks in advance.


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  • I would go to the gp and see if you can get a referral for further assessment. It may be tricky as he is not acting the same at school, but push hard, because everything you have done at home is not working for you. Some kids can have undiagnosed conditions, but do well in school environments. I hope you get some answers.

  • Use a now and next pin ups so he can see what he has to do next give 5 min warning then 2 min warning violence I use time out I do pick n choose my arguments but violence is a no no and I will be consistent even if it takes me hours distraction positive reinforcement work well for my son I don’t use bed as a punishment as its meant to be a place to relax n rest I use warnings an consequence for little things like not listening and having to warn over n over again


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